People’s Choice

Congratulations to members who have won People’s Choice competitions. These competitions are typically held once per quarter during one of our regular meetings. The style is typically announced 3-4 months in advance. Preference for participation is given to current members.

People’s Choice competitions are typically announced on our Facebook page:

Date Member Competition Notes
09/27/2018 Garth Ediger Wet hop ale brewed with fresh hops from Kansas Hop Company Garth brewed his beer on site at Kansas Hop Company’s farm
04/26/2018 Andrew Friling Brown Ale (Categories 13 or 19) Andrew won with Vanilla English Porter
10/26/2017 Andrew Friling quick sour with Omega’s Lacto blend (OYL-605) Andrew won with Excess Hydrogen. The victory comes with a scale up by Double Shift!
05/25/2017 Tim Squires IPA’s made with Experimental Grapefruit and BRU-1 (Pineapple Express)
02/23/2017 Eric Brueckner Omega British Ale Yeast – freestyle Eric won with a fantastic American IPA with a averaged score of 7.22/10. The nine entries were rated 1-10 by all members, after which the two highest scoring beers went on to be judged by our guests Mark and Danielle from Omega Yeast Labs.

Aaron Hill’s brown ale came in at a close second.

06/23/2016 Brian Hann American Pale Ale (creativity allowed) Brian won with a very well made, classic example of an APA. After winning a solid 42% of the popular vote, his beer was selected as the winning beer by guest judge Chris Roberts from Red Crow Brewing Company.

Honorable mention goes to Tim Ryan who tied Brian in the popular vote with another classic APA.

3/24/2016 Kevin Thuringer Saison Kevin received an overwhelming number of attendee votes, and went on to be selected as the Best of Show winner by guest judge Michael Crane of Crane Brewing. It was regarded as a classic example of the style and reminiscent of Tank 7.
10/22/2015 Dave Bednarczyk Porter Dave won with a “Vanilla Baltic Porter.” His beer was one of the top two selected by attendees, then was selected as the winner by our special guest judge Eric Martens from Border Brewing Company.

Honorable mention goes to Ryan Pfannenstiel who won the popular vote with an excellent Robust Porter.

6/25/2015 Ryan Pfannenstiel Session IPA Ryan’s recipe was a SMASH made with Maris Otter and Citra, but with pineapple added at flameout. Honorable mention goes to Jay Paxton who tied with Ryan prior to a tie break vote.
3/26/2015 Kevin Thuringer Irish Ale Exbeeriment – Irish Red Received 6 of 28 votes. There were 9 entries. Everyone used the same recipe, tweaked as needed for their system.
3/26/2015 Ken Schmidt Irish Ale Exbeeriment – Dry Stout Received 14 of 28 votes. There were five entries. Everyone used the same recipe, tweaked as needed for their system

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